Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Spanish court rules Ryanair's €40 charge illegal

Ryanair Charges Deemed Illegal

In a court case held in Barcelona on December 21st 2010, Ryanair’s policy of charging passengers for printing their boarding passes at check-in was deemed illegal.

A passenger took the budget airline to court over the charge Ryanair imposes, passenges have to pay € 40 Euros (approx £ 34 UK Pounds) if they have not printed it before arrival at the airport check-in, but the Spanish court ruled the Irish airline must print the documents for free.
The case was brought against Ryanair by a Spanish lawyer (Dan Miro Garcia) who was charged for a boarding pass last May.

Ryanair argued that passengers were always well informed of the conditions attached to their ticket purchases.

Ryanair are expected to appeal against the ruling.

There is on going pressure on airlines to include all charges in the advertised, headline, ticket prices, these include booking charges, payment charges, checkin charges, baggage charges, to list only a few.

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