Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Well done Ryanair - seriously :-)

From 1 December 2013 Ryanair passengers have been allowed to carry on a second, small bag as hand luggage.

The additional bag can be a maximum size 35cm x 20cm x 20cm (but check latest rules before relying on this information), this can be for laptop, a ladies handbag, camera bag, or a duty-free carrier bag, and this is addition to your main hand luggage bag.

Also, possibly to address the overcrowded overhead storage space, Ryanair have introduced a system to take some of the hand luggage from passengers at the gate and place them in the hold -free-, so be prepared to keep things needed on the plane in a convenient easy to access place in your luggage.

So, surprisingly Ryanair have stepped out ahead of their competition on a very positive way.

Good on you Ryanair.

Other changes in a good direction relate to some of their charges:
  -  Boarding pass re-issue at check-in reduced to £15.
  -  Charges for checked-in bags that have not been prepaid reduced to £50.
Bad things:
  -  Can't check-in more than 7 days & 2 hours before flight, this means if you are away for more
     than 1 week you have to pay for advanced check-in, or print your boarding pass while away,
     this may mean paying an Internet café to do it for you!

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