Monday, 19 October 2009

Cala d'Or weather returns to seasonal normality

Weather in & around Casa Flores in Cala Egos, Cala d'Or returns to normal after recent storms.

Following the 24 hour storm that ravaged the Cala d'Or area causing significant damage to streets, buildings & beaches, the weather has returned to the normal seasonal blue sunny skies & temperatures in the low 20's Celsius.

The Mallocan government/councils had within a matter of days restored beaches to their normal sandy condition after the torrential rains washed many way exposing the bedrock beneath, roads which had been destroyed & ripped down to their foundations were also restored and much other longer projects are well in hand.

The 5 day weather forecast for today (19th October 2009) is shown below:-

Mallorca's glorious summer weather is obviously a big attraction, but the islands weather is very good for much of the year, in fact the very pleasantly warm autumn and spring offer a lovely alternative to the generally grey, damp & chilly weather found in some more Northerly areas of Europe.



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