Sunday, 16 May 2010

Flight Route check: Check affects for delays or volcano ash problems

Useful web links for airline flights, airport or airways operational status.

Anyone planning to holiday in Mallorca / Majorca, or are about to travel to/from Mallorca, and are wanting to check the latest news on flights and their status, or wanting to check the affects of the latest news concerning the Iceland volcano ash problems, below is a list of useful website links:-
     UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
     UK National Air Traffic Services (NATS)
     Irish Aviation Authority (IAA)
     Flight Statistics: Palma de Mallorca airport departures
     Flight Information: Airline flight route information, check any route or departure / destination airport
     Palma de Mallorca Airport website (in English)

A final piece of information - Compensation Scams:
There are instances of unscrupulous people/companies who are cashing in on the crisis and disruption by contacting people offering to assist in compensation claims, be extra vigilant as some are scams, read the warning posted by the UK CAA (Civil Aviation Authority: Compensation Scam Warning).

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