Monday, 19 October 2009

BT Tradespace and Cala d'Or Holiday Accommodation

Updated Cala d'Or Mallorca information on BT Tradespace.

Prior to the re-launch of the new & updated BT Tradespace scheduled for 26th October 2009, we have updated & enhanced the information on our entry to include more information and links for Holiday Accommodation in Cala d'Or, near Cala Egos and the Cala Llonga marina (Cala d'Or marina).

Below are links to the BT Tradespace website for "Casa Flores" and "Cala d'Or Mallorca":-

and also

Our main holiday rental accommodation websites are and, these contain a wealth of information on the Cala d'Or area, Mallorca and its history, plus full details on our holiday apartments and villas.

If you would like to know more, please do phone.

Below is an aerial photo of the award winning beach & cove in the Mallorca National Park, Cala Mondrago:-



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