Monday, 13 September 2010

Another great year for Mallorca holidays

September has arrived:
      -  UK weather is starting to get chilly
      -  Tree leaves are starting to go brown and fall
      -  Autumn is almost upon us and
      -  Winter feels like it is just around the corner.

Despite the global recession and apparent economic doom and gloom, the Balearic Island of Mallorca (also known as Majorca) has again enjoyed another fantastic year as a very popular and highly recommended holiday destination.

Although the year started with uncertainty due to volcanic ash clouds causing flight delays and disruption to many, with some less fortunate in hotel accommodation being dismissed to roam the streets whereas other more reputable & responsible accommodation providers allowed them to stay.

Ash clouds problems soon became a distant grim memory as the CAA authorities gained a better understanding of the problem, then provided better and more relaxed regulations allowing Mallorca to return to its normal ideal holiday destination, plus of course the rest of Europe and the world which also experienced similar disruption.

Mallorca has been extremely popular for holidays since the very early 1960's; whether booked as part of an all-inclusive arrangement through a general travel agent, or by private itinerary and arrangements with airlines for flights and private owners of villa or apartment for their holiday accommodation.

In the early 60's Mallorca's airport near Palma would be unrecognisable if compared to the present huge bustling International complex it is now, but it started Mallorca on its route to being a highly popular holiday destination.

<Casa Flores> and <Cala Dor Mallorca holiday accommodation> is approaching the end of their 6th summer, adding another year to its history of providing fantastic happy holiday memories for all its family guests, the website "Guest Testimonials" pages have just been updated with another selection from the many fantastic testimonies and recommendations received from happy guests.

Visit the website link <Holiday Guest Testimonials> and read some of the latest recommendations and feedback comments from June, July & August 2010.

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