Thursday, 19 November 2009

New launch: Cala d'Or Mallorca Amazon eCommerce Shop for holiday essentials

Cala d'Or Mallorca Apartments launches its Amazon Holiday Essentials Shop:

Casa Flores and it's sister website Cala d'Or Mallorca have launched it's latest addition to help families and individuals plan and arrange independant holidays and so further reduce their reliance on the high street package tour operators; as arranging your own holiday generally prov ides a better & more enjoyable holiday where you are in more control of the accommodation standards and the overall cost & options.

The Amazon Store is linked into the main website menus in their holiday web sites, the link opens the store.

The Amazon store has been initially stocked with a small selection of items for childrens safety and sun protection to name only two; the plan is to develop its stock and assist holiday planners to take with them the essentials for an enjoyable holiday.

This is in addition to the already well designed website which provides a good background to the Ballearic Island of Mallorca (often know as Majorca) and the South Eastern locality of Santany, Cala Dor and Cala Egos.

Sarah & Andy Rosser have been gradually enhancing their extensive website since 2005 when they first started their holiday accommodation site.

The link to their Amazon store is:
To contact Sarah & Andy use their Contact Us website link where their phone & address can be found along with an enquiry form.



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