Wednesday, 15 May 2013

50 Overseas Travel Tips Tricks
to bag cheap flights, holidays, hotels & more.

See Martin Lewis's

The 50 quick headline tips you will find by following Martin's link are:-
  1. Pocket a super-cheap overseas spending card
  2. Free app turns phone into sat nav for 30 countries
  3. Use the right cheap flight-finding site
  4. Is your free EHIC still valid? 3m expire in 2013
  5. Grab the best plane seats
  6. For 2+ trips abroad each year, get annual travel insurance from £16
  7. Don't pay airport prices for travel accessories - try pound shops
  8. Uncover secret 5* hotels at 2* prices
  9. Liquids are banned through airport security - not food
  10. Find WHEN to go for super-cheap budget flights
  11. Don't trust the hotel star system
  12. Flight delayed in last 8 years? £100s in compensation possible
  13. Never wait until the airport for foreign cash
  14. Wear your luggage!
  15. Don't needlessly buy new sun lotion
  16. Package holidays can undercut DIY web bookings
  17. Free flights - if you play your cards right
  18. Turn off mobile 3G and data roaming to avoid shock charges
  19. Ensure your passport's valid
  20. Haggle down package costs
  21. Pay the right way for extra protection
  22. Beat budget airline check-in fees
  23. Always book car hire BEFORE you go
  24. Driving overseas? Check if your UK licence is valid
  25. Book a cheap package just for the flight
  26. Don't assume pricier sun lotion's safer
  27. Beware car hire firms' pricey excess insurance
  28. Always book cheap airport parking
  29. Posh villas can be £1,000 cheaper than posh hotels
  30. Avoid the 'perfect trip' trap
  31. Try your local library for travel guides
  32. Bag 'free prints' promos for super-cheap holiday snaps
  33. Tell your mobile provider you're going abroad
  34. Don't get stung by extra luggage fees on the way back
  35. Off to the USA? Beware unofficial ESTA sites
  36. Hidden loophole gets up to 70% off posh hotels
  37. Max Avios points for flights 'n' more
  38. Asked ‘pay in pounds or euros’ abroad? Say ‘euros’
  39. Try hostels for super-cheap 'n' cheerful accommodation
  40. Make your own travel-size toiletries
  41. Driving in Europe? Check insurance, breakdown and road rules
  42. Don't waste cash on energy while you're away
  43. Instantly find the cheapest way to call ANY country
  44. Compare travel meds prices to get 'em for less
  45. Check big excursion ticket prices before you go
  46. Free apps to keep track of travel plans
  47. Get a FREE printable wallet-size travel guide
  48. Nab cheap France day returns for under £25
  49. Consider car hire alternatives
  50. Add your travel tips on the forum

Tips, tricks & links provided by:
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